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Emery – The Question

My hypothesis suggests that, much like the Sasquatch or Lochness Monster, the sophomore slump or jinx is ultimately a myth. Sure, there have been sightings, but with expectations set unusually high after most debuts, and less time to create, anything short of mind-blowing will be dubbed as a failure.


After going from relative obscurity to unquestionable success and popularity with the release of 2004’s The Weak’s End, Emery returns with the much anticipated follow-up entitled, The Question, which it turns out is neither a slump, nor a mind-blowing effort. It is a natural evolutionary stage of a talented rock ‘n’ roll band.

The record seems more focused and mature this time around, with a tighter sound and more complex melodies, especially since the screams have been relegated to a more modest role. The typical soft singing, juxtaposed with abrasive screams and the ever present emotional subject matter is consistent with their contemporaries such as Underoath and Hawthorne Heights, but with vocalist Toby Morelle’s unique style, and clever lyrical musings applied to the same topics, Emery manages to stand out in a sub-genre that is quickly becoming saturated.

Sadly, due to an extremely contagious case of mustard foot and breathing complications stemming from an overindulgence of erotic asphyxiation, Michael’s semi-amusing and horrifically generic rants will not be seen today. Thank You.


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