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Supercreep – Supercreep

There is usually a silver lining in every rain cloud – most CDs I’ve heard have something good about them. When the rampant use of clichés found in Supercreep’s self titled debut finally comes to an end, does that count as something good? If not, I’m running on empty.

First, it was nearly impossible not to be distracted by the utter atrociousness of the lyrics. Go find your average 13 year old girl’s journal, and her angsty poems are likely better. But pretend I did happen to turn a blind eye to lines such as, “you ain’t gonna stop my mushroom cloud” or “I would sleep around but then my girlfriend would find out,” or “It sucks that with all I do I still can’t pay my bills,” and I would still have a grocery list of complaints.


Supercreep, unless you have something of the caliber of “Fitterhappier” or “How Do You Feel?” do not use computer generated voices. Then music, well, it’s a couple steps down from the same old same old modern rock station fodder. Don’t try to squeeze extra syllables into your lines. Don’t rhyme. Don’t dally in unrelated genres – just pick one.

Back to the lyrics, “All my friends trapped in cages in a world that goes in stages / and I’m pulling my hair out.” But then, this same song presents “I don’t need an elevator / I don’t need a stimulator.”

Please, make it stop.


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