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C – Universum

“Compost Rock,” is a self inflicted musical categorization made by this instrumental Czech foursome known only as C. From Tabor, situated about fifty miles south of Prague, they play an eclectic mix of instrumental music ranging from dub and psychedelic, to prog, post-hardcore, and new wave.


Universum, their debut full-length on Czech imprint, Free Dimension, is a nicely layered soundscape that can be spacey and almost Doors-like at times like in the opening track, “Le Grand Wazoo,” to electronically epic, “Hymen,” to spastic and driving, “Ichitrol.” Think a Czech Sonic Youth, ditching vocals for synthesizers.

Yet again we have an EP masquerading as a full-length, but since C is instrumental, and like to stretch things out at times, I can give them a late-pass, but I’m getting fired up about this 8 songs is a full-length bullshit, we will one day be forced to take up arms against this matter, you must know this. The production was a little fuzzy, and with the electronic influences and the drummer being a DJ himself, I wanted some heavier drums, some bass to make that ass shake, you know what I mean?

I’m hard pressed to find anyone that tastes as fucking good as me,” Said the panini to the rest of his sandwich counterparts, as he stomped away in bitter anger, “Jeez, what got into him,” asked the sandwich collective once the air returned to the room.


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