Lorene Drive – Romantic Wealth

When one hears the term “posthardcore R&B,” it sounds like a child of Linkin Park. However, the classification sent via record company jargon has this correspondent stumped since Lorena Drive’s Romantic Wealth is more of a relentless posthardcore metal mix that’s far from the R&B classification, with the exception of lyrical assault reminiscent of My […]

Omni – Ballyhoo

The underground legend known far and wide as Omni finds himself in good company for his third solo disc, Ballyhoo. Featured artists include the Living Legends’ Luckyiam.psc, Wildchild of The Lootpack, Micah Nine from Freestyle Fellowship, and Fatlip (late of the Pharcyde). Produced almost entirely by L.A.-based producer Earganic, the album maintains a consistency of […]

Mike Park – North Hangook Falling

Mike Park has always worn his Korean heritage on his sleeve. From the very early days of singing songs that included “Asian Man” and “Ice Cube, Korea Wants A Word With You,” to his founding of Asian Man Records and the band The Chinkees, Park has used his music to be both tongue-in-cheek and dead […]

Swords – Metropolis

Out of the rain soaked industrial lands of Portland, Oregon come Swords, with their highly touted new record, Metropolis. After garnering much attention from their first two releases (an EP and one full length), this six piece dropped the word “Projects” from their name, and return with their most ambitious release to date. After reading […]