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Lorene Drive – Romantic Wealth

When one hears the term “posthardcore R&B,” it sounds like a child of Linkin Park. However, the classification sent via record company jargon has this correspondent stumped since Lorena Drive’s Romantic Wealth is more of a relentless posthardcore metal mix that’s far from the R&B classification, with the exception of lyrical assault reminiscent of My Chemical Romance, but with a faster beat.


That aside, these residents of Victorville, California, have gone in contrast to their origins of a “piss-stop town on the way to Las Vegas” by making an interesting listen with Romantic Wealth. “Let it Go” is littered with fast past metal influenced guitar riffs that go perfectly with “a broken heart, doesn’t hurt so bad” poetically sung.

The late summer has offered a ton of talent including Paramore’s “All We Know is Falling” and now, Romantic Wealth. I pray that similar posthardcore groups will continue coming out of the crevices of America. The band has worn in their tour shoes, having traveled the country for their own gigs and that of the Van’s Warped Tour this year. They are continuing their trek and come to Denver with Change of Pace, playing Monday, August 29 at Cervantes.


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