Moonbabies – War on Sound Mini Album

War on Sound Mini Album is sort of an appetizer to the Moonbabies upcoming full-length release. A lazier band might consider eight songs totaling around forty minutes as a completed effort that includes eight originals and two covers. Just throw some filler in there and sell it for eighteen bucks. Ola Frick and Carina Johansson, […]

The Greenhornes

The Greenhornes

Driving from Portland to San Francisco, Craig Fox, vocalist and guitarist for Detroit base band The Greenhornes, recalls having played in the city over two years ago at Bottom of the Hill. This time around and as headliners for The White Stripes, the group that also includes Patrick Keeler on drums, and Jack Lawrence on […]

Writer of O (Pola Rapaport)

Writer of O

Writer of O (Pola Rapaport) Passion comes in all forms, shapes and sizes. It is a very individual thing, like a finger print or your favorite color. What is provocative to some is scandalous to others. Passion is often linked to love, and in the case of Dominique Aury, her timeless gift to her lover […]

Spin (Jamin Winans)


LOCAL SHORT FILM – SPIN (JAMIN WINANS) In a deserted alley within the depths of downtown Denver, a DJ angel by the name of Scratch (played by Hayze II) drops from the sky along with his gear and an assignment: to reverse a series of events and right the wrongs. Using his turntable and knobs, […]

Brian Setzer – Rockabilly Riot: A Tribute to Sun Records

Brian Setzer‘s been through a few incarnations of swaggerin’, swingin’ hepcat, from the rock of the Stray Cats to his 17-piece Orchestra that helped usher in the neo-swing craze back in the late ‘90s. He’s always had big hair and big dreams of sharing the earliest counter-culture music with the world, though, and on this […]

The Occasion – Cannery Hours

The Occasion strike us like urban gypsies; but that probably makes you think they are a jangling pack of unskilled musicians that would be on target at Burning Man. On the contrary – and to the credit of The Occasion – that is not the case. Rather, the five-piece works each instrument and their vocals […]

Matt Costa – Songs We Sing

I was captured instantly by the line in Matt Costa’s opening track from Songs We Sing, “Yellow Taxi,” where he dreams of how the car-for-hire can take him away. This is especially fitting as I sit with two phones going, one in each ear, and the afternoon sunshine starts to beat through the windows, beckoning […]