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The Occasion – Cannery Hours

The Occasion strike us like urban gypsies; but that probably makes you think they are a jangling pack of unskilled musicians that would be on target at Burning Man. On the contrary – and to the credit of The Occasion – that is not the case.

Rather, the five-piece works each instrument and their vocals into a perfect, minimal orchestration, and at times it’s like a symphony at war with silence. Lead singer (and guitarist), Jordi Wheeler restrains himself just lightly enough to be noticeable, and at the same time forces our attention toward the rest of the music.


People compare The Occasion to a lot of things and not necessarily accurately. I would say Pink Floyd is borderline accurate, but The Doors they are not. As far as classic rock goes, they remind me of Jethro Tull in its subdued moments. In terms of modern likenesses, think Iron and Wine meets Dead Can Dance.

In any case, and in the realm of modern psychedelia, The Occasion is masterfully in a league of its own.


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