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No Address – Time Doesn’t Notice

It appears that America has acquired its own version of the poppy Australian band Jet with No Address’ release of Time Doesn’t Notice, on upscale Atlantic Records. The record is a 12-track album heavily influenced by southern riffs along with current formulaic alternative that left me unimpressed, perhaps even neutral. In fact, according to the group’s biography that’s why the name No Address was enacted, to leave the fan feeling neutral about the group’s name. If that was what they set out to do musically, mission accomplished guys.


In any case, the record itself wasn’t all bad. One song titled “Lasting Words” had this really cool indie/alternative feel, but alas, it didn’t last. I prayed that the rest of the album would sound similar but I was left disappointed. It’s not that their music is that horrible, it’s just been done before. It’s like No Address has been sent from the ‘90s through a DeLorean.

If you really liked the catchy “Be My Girl” song by Jet and you recently bought the newest 3 Doors Down, go ahead and invest in this one: it be a nice addition to your collection. However, if you’re like me, just watch some “I Love the ‘90s” for musical nostalgia or listen to throw back days on KTCL.


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