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Marathon – Marathon

The debut self-titled album by New York’s Marathon is a shredding example of a band angry and focused with the ability to still have a good time. With the political mindedness of Rise Against and Strike Anywhere and the playful enthusiasm of Bigwig, Marathon displays the kind of veteran skills not seen in many debuts. Whether it’s taking shots at the Bush administration or conveying their affinity for dancing, they walk the fine line between silly and serious with consistent balance.


Formed in 2002 and comprised of ex-members from Punk/Hardcore bands like De La Hoya, Steadfast, and Spark Lights the Friction, they sold thousands of copies of their EP entitled Songs to Turn the Tide, released on Red Leader Records. In 2004, they signed with Reignition Records, formerly known as Law of Inertia, and with this debut full-length they create an intense sound with heavy guitars, fast burly drums and bombastic vocals that leave you wide awake, questioning the future of our nation and wanting to move around at the same time.


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