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The Receiving End Of Sirens – Between the Heart and Synapse

Quite bluntly these guys have most famously toured with Midtown and Hot Rod Circuit, so just guess what they sound like, because your assumption will be dead on: whiney punksters.

Nevertheless, the Receiving End of Sirens’ newest is decent, a blended genre release that contains a bit of electronica mixed in with pop emo. The group combines a sound mixer with the standard emo ensemble that gives the group a certain level of originality. However, if a sound mixer is the last resort for originality to cling to, perhaps I should start reviewing the greatness of Fox television.


From track to track, the songs on Between the Heart and Synapse all climax at the beginning then fall flat as the song progresses in a very predictable way. I can say that they started with their best foot forward on track one, “Planning a Break from Prison,” featuring a heavy minded rhythm with the that lyrics fall perfectly between pop and individualism.

In any case, if you’ve picked up Midtown’s Forget What You Know, sample a couple tracks off the net from this group. They have a commendable individuality that is pretty brave given our musical environment.


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