Acceptance – Phantoms

Sometimes, people in bands really love another band. And – holy accidental plagiarism! – they just end up sounding EXACTLY like that other band they love. For Acceptance, it’s Jimmy Eat World.

Bloc Party – Silent Alarm

Bloc Party has been the “it” band in the UK for a number of months now, and rightly so. BBC radio did their version of a documentary on the origin of British Rock, and from their informal poll of people on the street and objectives from industry pundits, most of what their country had to […]

The Charming Snakes – Ammunition

Drum machines are over-rated. They’ve pretty much taken the place of the Moog as the electronic instrument of choice for rockers, only it’s being used too much and in far too many bands. Unfortunately, sometimes that’s all a band can do. Drummers are notoriously flaky, and are not a dime a dozen like guitar players. […]

Die Warzau – Convenience

The whole genre of industrial music has been an enigma to me for some time. Years ago I would have called myself a big industrial head, never to the point of wearing black 24/7, but it just held elements that were not present in other forms of music: a carnal level of sexiness tied up […]

The Dissociatives – The Dissociatives

Daniel Johns of Silverchair has a new band, so to speak. He has paired up with Paul Mac, who is known as one of the fathers of Australian electronic music. At least that is what I’m told; I am not familiar with the specifics of Australian electronic music. The two men met when Mac remixed […]

Mr. Anonymous – Mr. Anonymous

Mr. Anonymous is name bequeathed upon The Samples’ Jeep MacNichol’s latest solo effort. To understand the magnitude of this project, one must take into account the story behind its production. Tracked over a 10-week period that included three separate trips to Kingston, Jamaica, MacNichol team up with a number of reggae and dancehall heroes to […]