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Acceptance – Phantoms

Sometimes, people in bands really love another band. And – holy accidental plagiarism! – they just end up sounding EXACTLY like that other band they love. For Acceptance, it’s Jimmy Eat World.


Therefore, if you own Bleed American, Clarity or Futures this record is completely pointless. Sure, it’s good – Jimmy Eat World is good right? And there are plenty of sing-a-long anthems to play with here, and lovelorn pop-rock extravaganzas to bounce along with, but if you’ve got even a passing interest in emo-rock you’ll have heard it all before. If this had come out a few years ago it would have been something worth getting a little excited about – the songwriting really is flawless – but with emo-rock being so over-saturated right now it’s hard to muster much enthusiasm.

There’s potential here for Acceptance to do really well (they have major label backing after all) but until they find a sound that’s more their own it’s doubtful that they’ll rock your world.


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