The Apes – Baba’s Mountain

Listening to The Apes is kind of the musical equivalent of wandering into the wrong college party by accident only to be faced with a room full of crazy stoners who dress like it’s 1972 and want to talk about philosophy and getting back to the land, <<man>>.

Five Style Fist – Left Right In The Middle

When the crew in Five Style Fist began work on their latest album—Left Right in the Middle—over a year ago, they promised a harder, darker, fuller release. They have succeeded on all levels. However, to fans past and present, that doesn’t mean that they’ve abandoned the light airy Island sounds that have come to be […]

Kan’nal – Dreamwalker

A self-described “group of travelers met and formed around the mystical Lake Atitlan in the high mountains of Guatemala,” Kan’Nal mixes heavy percussive rhythms with lilting guitar and spirited vocal interplay. Already a success in Guatemala with a Top 10 radio hit and large concert audience, they have chosen Boulder as the home base for […]

Anthrax Says “No More” To Spreading The Disease

Music News

ANTHRAX SAYS “NO MORE” TO SPREADING THE DISEASE – Both the vaccine and the reunion tour could have fatal effects. Anthrax (the band), to me, has always been the speed metal version of Spinal Tap. Having entertained millions, the band has basically made a career out of writing and playing silly songs at full throttle, […]