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Lux Courageous – Reasons That Keep The Ground Near

You know how you really love “The OC” (shut up, everyone loves “The OC,” okay?) and you hate admitting to it because you don’t want people to know that deep down you really do care about whether Seth and Summer are gonna work out this time?

Well, you’re going to have to lie about loving Lux Courageous too, because their Ataris meets Something To Write Home About – era Get Up Kids emo-rock will just light you up and bum you out in the most exquisite manner. And all of a sudden you’ll feel really sad not to be in a relationship. And all of a sudden you’ll want to go for a moonlit walk and spent three hours at the end of a pier making out with someone who has a floppy haircut. And all of a sudden you’ll think about every great fling and devastating break up you’ve ever had and you’ll kind of enjoy it in a twisted, masochistic way. And before you know it, you’ll be sucked in and wondering why EVERYONE doesn’t use a piano in their emo because it just works SO well.


And then you’ll gasp because you realize that Lux Courageous are only two steps away from sounding like Dashboard Confessional.

And the shame creeps in.

But then you’ll realize this is more sincere and more touching and more genuinely heartfelt than anything that Carrabba douchebag has ever released, so you’ll revel in the delicious heartbreak of it all.

Watch out kids – you’ll need a whole night of journal writing after this one.

Rae Alexandra is a limey. She has been a music journalist and sub editor since 2001, working mainly for the UK’s Kerrang! and Q Magazines. She recently relocated to San Francisco to finish writing a novel about drunken punk rockers. Feel free to send job offers, insults and photos of emo boys to: raemondjjjj[at]


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