The Adored – The Adored (EP)

Welcome to the party! The Lipgloss and Popscene king-sters The Adored are in the building. Loosen your black ties and jump on the dance platform ‘cause it’s time to swing that skinny ass of yours. Heck, there’s no need for white lines in the bathroom to keep you going, I like totally swear.

Beep Beep – Business Casual

I hate it when a newer band has the stigma of being associated with an already well-known band. It clouds my judgment of their music for some reason, and I too often compare the two, which is neither fair nor logical. For instance, both Beep Beep and The Faint share the same bass player, Joel […]

Adrian Belew – Slide One

Bill and Hillary Clinton, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett – all power couples (although one of the couples is on the skids). But what if there were a power trio? What if some of your favorite musicians came together, not in a Revolver kind of way, but in the organic […]

Lagwagon – Live in a Dive

Lagwagon was the first band signed to Fat Wreck Chords, and exemplifies the sound that’s come to be standard for that label–the speeding-bullet drumming, hyper-fast guitars and snotty vocals. They’ve now joined the pantheon of Fat Wreck artists to release a Live in a Dive record. Once again, I’m faced with the task of trying […]

The Peels – The Peels

I love it when you can actually hear the sex in a song. When the tones and reverberations of a really good hump session ooze through the speakers like hot, wet…well you get the idea. Within the first few seconds of The Peels self-titled debut, panties become damp, and the bulge in those tight rock […]

Project 12:01 – Last Pharaoh

When you mix foreign sand with Roland electronics, the result is a formula that takes you back to the future, where camels have been replaced by something closer to the Star Wars set but people are still dressed in desert attire. It’s this atmosphere that allows Last Pharaoh stretch away from the industrial and Goth […]