Cex – Starship Galactica (reissue)

Cex (pronounced ‘sex’) is Rjyan Kidwell of Baltimore. He originally dropped this innovation in 2001. Starship Galactica is an archetypal example of Intelligent Dance Music that is influential to, or influenced by, many of our most current electro all-stars (read: Postal Service, LCD Soundsystem, Peaches…)

The Minus 5 – At The Organ

The garage rock stylings and campy sense of humor of Young Fresh Fellows leader Scott McCaughey (vocals, bass) was an apparently integral, yet often overlooked, factor in the Seattle alternative music revolution during the early ’90s. McCaughey influence allegedly aided in breaking many bands during that time – Jeff Tweedy and Wilco to name one […]

One Million Tiny Tiny Jesuses – Self Titled

All samples – all samples! The drums sound so realistic on some of this stuff, it’s awesome. This is electronica spanning generations of influence, starting with Flash Gordon, shaking hands with the Postal Service, and ending several light years into the future of our children’s children. One of my favorite tracks sounds like Jungle Brothers […]

Prosiacs – Aghast Agape

Looking over the press release it appears that this thing this first EP release has been on the streets since 2003. Upon listening my first question was “Why wasn’t this released last year?” I’m terrified that the huge successes of Franz Ferdinand and Interpol are going to make Prosaics look like late-comers to the party. […]

The Saboten – The Saboten

The Saboten

Representing the fifth release from upstart L.A. based record label Kanpai, Japan’s own The Saboten takes Kanpai’s mission statement of putting out music that blends elements of indie rock, pop, and electronica to the extreme. The Saboten is an eclectic avant-garde consortium, consisting of three of Japan’s most cutting edge artists: DJ Force, guitarist Saguaro, […]