Zammuto – Anchor Tour

It’s sometimes easy when listening to electronic-infused musical pieces, to envision a laboratory-like setting where these tonal tunes are born. Yes, the sporadic bleeps on “Great Equator,” a track from Zammuto’s newly released Anchor are robotic in nature, but it is nature and all its organic surroundings that seem to inspire fantasy and gorgeous creativity […]

Caroline – Murmurs

Caroline Lufkin’s name may not sound Japanese, but her record Murmurs sure does. Not in any bubblegum J-pop kind of way, but rather in some otherworldly lilt to her voice that lends it the sound of some child-fairy or Miyazaki character. I could picture her tunes running in the background at some posh lounge or […]

Various Artists – Everything Comes & Goes: A Tribute to Black Sabbath – Temporary Residence Ltd.

Everything Comes & Goes

Temporary Res. conceived this Sabbath tribute some eight years ago and has had it on the backburner up until now. They explain its long put-off release as having something to do with the irony of the Osbourne family’s thorny recent resurgence in the cultural ratings; but I doubt there’s much irony; it’s just time to […]

Crain – Speed

Fourteen years ago, Crain, an art-punk quartet hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, recorded their debut album in Steve Albini’s basement on an eight track. They released – and quickly sold – 1000 vinyl copies of the results early the following year and went on to release one more album before breaking up in 1996 before their […]

Cex – Starship Galactica (reissue)

Cex (pronounced ‘sex’) is Rjyan Kidwell of Baltimore. He originally dropped this innovation in 2001. Starship Galactica is an archetypal example of Intelligent Dance Music that is influential to, or influenced by, many of our most current electro all-stars (read: Postal Service, LCD Soundsystem, Peaches…)