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Cex – Starship Galactica (reissue)

Cex (pronounced ‘sex’) is Rjyan Kidwell of Baltimore. He originally dropped this innovation in 2001. Starship Galactica is an archetypal example of Intelligent Dance Music that is influential to, or influenced by, many of our most current electro all-stars (read: Postal Service, LCD Soundsystem, Peaches…)


Most of the mature beats On Starship are hip-hop derived, and refreshingly free of pesky lyrics. Beyond that, Kidwell also hones his skill at straight-forward dance beats, humor (check out titles like, ‘Your Handwriting When You Were a Child in the Winter’ and ‘Tattoo of a Barcode’), and even a hidden live track that emulates the chaos of the most classic Big Black electro-rock beat-storm.

Cex is, in a word, seminal.


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