Rick Bain – Virtual Heavy Pet

Rick Bain first made a splash on the Oregon underground music scene with his reproduction of the Beach Boy’s Pet Sounds. He managed to do it on a four-track recorder in his home, while playing all the instruments. This should give you an idea of his talent and influences.

Colonial Excess – Colonial Excess

Warning: this is not for Sunday morning stereo play if you’re nursing a hangover from too many Manhattans the night before. After releasing a number of EPs over the course of the last two years or so, Colorado Springs band Colonial Excess come out of the gates kicking and screaming, causing havoc and frightening the […]

Fat Boy Slim – Palookaville

As I recover from my tryptophan haze, one thing I’m grateful for this year is that Norman Cook saw to it that his fanny got going on a new album. And he’s delivered. I felt like a kid at Christmas unwrapping Palookaville in great anticipation, just waiting for those first juicy chords to come through […]

Liars Academy – Demons

From time to time, artists find themselves on the wrong side of esoteric. Defying description, the sound will simultaneously be lauded by its members for its originality and blasted by critics for failing to connect with even the most modest-sized audience. With its sophomore release, Demons, Liars Academy does little to establish an identity, instead […]

Mango – Faux Music/Shy Music

I guess this is supposed to be a concept album. Each of the track titles is suffixed with a declaration of either ‘shy’ or faux’. Apparently, the super-rockin’ cuts are ‘faux’ and the emo-er stuff is ‘shy’. The latter makes more obvious sense; but, this I not the most important discussion about this album. Mango […]

DeVotchKa – From The Beginning to How It Ends

Nick Urata: vocals, theremin, guitars, piano, trumpet Tom Hagerman: violin, accordion, piano Jeanie Schroder: sousaphone, upright bass, Vocals Shawn King: drums, percussion, trumpet After what seems like forever, DeVotchKa has finally released another amazing album, How It Ends. In a world full of war, politics and hardship, one thing is for certain: they will be […]