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The Mad Caddies – Live From Toronto: Songs in the Key of Eh

If you’ve spent any amount of time observing the modern-day tactics of record labels and their artists, then you’ll certainly agree that live albums these days are more about filling up a label’s catalog and less about capturing a unique and profound moment in musical history. And although the industry has yet to sink to the level of issuing something as ludicrous as, say, “Right Said Fred: Live At Budohkan”, those days aren’t too far off. In fact, given the growing popularity of instant live recordings, live albums are more of a commodity than they have ever been.

Where The Mad Caddies are concerned, none of that matters. The hopped-up sextet has made its living off of endless touring and a truly sick live show. And although it might be next to impossible to suitably capture their sweat and adrenaline on disc, The Caddies come close with their new 19-track title, Live From Toronto: Songs in the Key of Eh.

Satisfying newcomers and veterans alike, the disc serves as proper compilation of the band’s nearly 10-year history. The Central California crew’s hyper-kinetic energy carries the set, with vocalist Chad Robertson’s occasional between-song comments playing up The Caddies’ collective self-deprecation and everyday-punk mentality. Known for combining the onstage antics of Skankin’ Pickle and the blistering pace and raw chops of Operation Ivy, The Mad Caddies remain one of only a handful of acts still packing the clubs with a ska-punk assault not seen since Less Than Jake’s heyday.

Fans will no doubt flock to the disc, while virgin listeners looking to experiment with a sampling of The Caddies sound might just find what they’re looking for. It might not be as memorable as Paul Stanley singing the praises of vodka and orange juice, or as iconic as Robin Zander declaring, “I want you … to want me”, but it nonetheless impresses those with a penchant for third wave ska.


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