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New Ancient Astronauts – Children of the Vortex

Maybe it’s the astronaut reference, the astral keyboard tricks, or voyage into the vortex trip that causes many, including the band itself, to use the space rock categorization quite frequently.

Yea, these Denver cosmonauts are trippy indeed (i.e. their band shot taken by some unwilling relative in a bathroom). But their feet are planted right in the land of rock ‘n’ roll, leaning closer to Husker Du and Seaweed than any alien soundtrack. Differentiating factors involve intermittent blasts of jazz, moog moody blues, and detours to the dark metal corridors.


Each member does their part to set them apart: Dr. Minotaur simply rips at the skins, adding a force to this band’s presence (especially on Placebo Affect, one of THE standout-tracks); Aaron Daring provides that sax level of clarity and sophistication to the chaos, and all, with the exception of Dr. Minotaur, contribute to their unique vocal element.

Colorado’s music continues to just get better and better. And New Ancient Astronauts are right in with the cream of the crop. If I wasn’t stuck to this computer the night of their CD release party earlier this month, I would have been right up front cheering them on.


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