Beyond Embrace – Insect Song

From the opening crush of “Fleshengine Breakdown,” the triple guitar charge of Massachusett’s Beyond the Embrace takes off like a bat out of hell and doesn’t let up for the next 44 minutes. Ok, three guitars—I know you’re thinking the Outlaws or Lynyrd Skynyrd, but no, think (new) Iron Maiden, and you’re on the right […]

The Gamits – Antidote

Back when The Gamits first burst their cherry 10 years ago, they were belting out the sweet punk licks that many pop bands portray today on the screens of MTV. In fact, lead singer Chris Fogal was often taken for the nasally traits of Green Day’s Mr. Billy. Those days are gone.

The Heavils – Heavilution?

The Heavils are a strange entity, with their homemade guitars, dubbed “meanies” (check them out at, and their Clutch infused heavy fuzz, random sense of humor, and just all around quirkiness. Their second album, Heavilution, was masterfully produced by Hevy Devy and Strapping Young Lads’ Devin Townsend, who also provided additional vocals and random […]

Varient – Putting a Twist on Diversity

Carly Harmon – vocalsJamin Triz – guitarJosh Tarrant – percussionDave Pack – bass Most people know this foursome as Blue Sun. Some know them as a much different band than they were when they first rose in Colorado Spring’s music scene. But either way, most people in their hometown have heard these guys at some […]