Pepper – Do You Like Pepper?


Yesod Williams – drums Kaleo Wassman – guitar, vocals Bret Bollinger – bass, vocals The ocean has influenced many a surf band, but it was the shores and sounds of Kona, Hawaii, that stirred up the spicy sounds of Pepper, known for sultry reggae and cavernous dub. After a few successful releases and reaching the […]

Jonathan Goldman – ChakraDance

Jonathan Goodman - ChakraDance

Being the author of numerous “sound healing” books, graduating with a masters in it, and hitting the top ten in new age sales at various times, Johnathan Goldman has more than just a message he’s trying to convey through his music. He downright lives his message day to day. Not only this, but he has […]

[Minmae] – ¿ya te vas?


[Minmae] not only has an odd name (which came from some old cartoon that the band’s singer, Sean Brooks used to watch on television) but an odd style of music as well – one that I hesitate to describe with even the frilliest and most complex, yet endearing, of adjectives. Alas, I must try! With […]