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Unearth – Live in Long Island (DVD)


This live, three-song DVD, directed by Doug Spangenberg, finds Massachusetts metalcore outfit Unearth previewing new material to a fervent crowd in a packed Long Island club. Shot in first person, which I have personal issues with (it makes me nauseous), it does give you the sense of being there. Unearth plays an explosive combination of styles: new school hardcore, traditional metal, with hints of that “Swedish” sound, and even some black metal guitar on the opening cut, the previously released “My Heart Bleeds No Longer.”

Vocalist Trevor Phipps’s delivery does not differentiate from others in the hardcore/metalcore genres, save for the odd emo moment. Bringing a sameness to the songs on the surface, what’s unearthed (pardon the pun) upon listening is the band’s ability to bounce around from genre to genre in the course of one song (whether they know it or not) without sounding like doing so. “The Great Dividers” and “Black Hearts Now Reign,” from their forthcoming release due June 29, 2004 on Metal Blade Records, find the band picking up the pace. Drummer Mike Justian does his best Vinnie Paul (Pantera) impression while guitarist Ken Susi and Buzz McGrath weave classic, almost Maiden-esque guitar leads into the meaty hardcore crunch.

This 14-minute DVD includes three live performances, about 30-seconds of backstage footage, and the not nearly as exciting as it sounds “fruitcake challenge.” Exclusively available for just a couple bones at your favorite punk rock mall store.

Unearth is:
Trevor Phipps—Vocals
Ken Susi—Guitars
Buzz McGrath—Guitars
John Maggard—Bass
Mike Justian—Drums


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