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Jonathan Goldman – ChakraDance

Jonathan Goodman - ChakraDance

Being the author of numerous “sound healing” books, graduating with a masters in it, and hitting the top ten in new age sales at various times, Johnathan Goldman has more than just a message he’s trying to convey through his music. He downright lives his message day to day. Not only this, but he has in no doubt released something of pure talent with this latest release, simply titled ChakraDance.

The production is pristine, the beats are deep and infectious, and the overall mood is exactly what he says it is. . . “dance music for body, mind and spirit.”

Now I am by no means a new age fanatic, and it seems as though this is where this album has been placed for marketing purposes, but I would tend to disagree on this categorization. To me it’s much more than that and is extremely progressive in comparison. On “Celestial Waters” Jonathan guides the listener through a journey that could only be best described as a wave of elements from the best of astralasia and the future sound of london, smashing against an ocean shore of atmospheric goa-trance.

The album goes on with an endless amount of sound that simply keeps you sitting and listening until all the worries of everyday nonsense are no longer present. In this day and age of bullcrap political-propaganda spreading through the infected veins of our media, this is a refreshing escape from the madness. It’s a needed voyage that explores much more than you’d ever expect to hear from most producers. Every track has something that needs to be heard, whether its the simple chant of a singular woman, a group of monks, or the bells of a forgotten village.

Simply put, ChakraDance engulfs the listener with an atmosphere that can’t be denied. One that you’ll hear the first time through, and one that I’m sure you’ll revisit multiple times down the road of life.

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