The Distillers, Icarus Line, The Lot Six – April 21, 2004 – The Bluebird, Denver


Brody Dalle, lead singer of The Distillers, is punk rock like Iggy Pop is punk rock. It’s not about the small-time. It’s not really about politics, either, though she’s not averse to writing songs about politics from time to time. It’s about feedback-laced, razor-sharp rock’n’roll, knowing how to work a crowd, makeup and tight pants […]

Air – Talkie Walkie

Every so often an album comes along that actually burns an image within your life that can never be erased. One that reminds you of an entire time period. One that may only be best described through the soundscapes in which it creates. This, much like the majority of Air’s phenomenal releases, is without a […]

Breezy Porticos – Keep It Crisp

Sometimes genre references can get really irritating. It’s almost a necessary evil to pigeonhole a band’s sound into journalistic garble, because how else do you give one an idea of what to expect from a given band without the electroclash, nu metal, blah blah blah? Now we’ve got a new one kiddies – it’s called […]

Meow Meow – Snow Gas Bones

There are what are considered to be come backs that we could do without, like Rush’s summer tour, and then there are times where you recognized a certain musical style that reminds you of a lost but not forgotten favorite band. This is definitely the latter. One of the members of Meow Meow, Kirk Hellie, […]

Vomitory – Primal Massacre


“Chainsaw Surgery,”“Autopsy Extravaganza,” and “Gore Apocalypse.” With tired and uninspired song titles like these, I’ll admit I feared the worst from these 15-year, Swedish veterans of the metal underground. Truth be told, I could tear this CD apart. Ridiculous outdated lyrics, lack of originality. . .load this review up with comparison after comparison. . .this […]