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Breezy Porticos – Keep It Crisp

Sometimes genre references can get really irritating. It’s almost a necessary evil to pigeonhole a band’s sound into journalistic garble, because how else do you give one an idea of what to expect from a given band without the electroclash, nu metal, blah blah blah? Now we’ve got a new one kiddies – it’s called Rummage Sale Pop. At least according to one person sitting in a café typing away at a review of Breezy Portico’s aural style. And it wasn’t me.


As much as I hate it, I get it. The Breezy Denver folks have that easy going feel of a sunny day, driving around in your VW looking for an abandoned chair on the street to add to the otherwise empty living room of your first apartment. And like the commercial, you end up taking it back to that street corner because no amount of Fabreeze can take away the smell of cat piss. That’s life.

Keep It Crispy is far from stinky (I’m sure they’ll appreciate me saying that). It sizzles like the sweet smell of bacon on a Sunday morning (unless, of course, you’re a tree-hugging vegan, then you may not like the aroma). It’s finding a twenty-dollar bill in the gutter, just when you realize you have no money to get into the club. It’s blowing big bubbles without getting gum stuck in your hair or having your friend’s dirty finger pop your game. It’s happy, peppy, and bursting with love (for those of you who have never seen any “Odd Couple” reruns, never mind this reference).

Sterling guitar lines, nude keyboard tones, and honey sweet songs that will kill your ills. If you’re a sugar-pop fool like myself, and have Poole’s Alaska Days, Cavedogs’ Joy Rides for Shut-Ins, Pond’s Rock Collection, or even Ivy, Too Much Joy, Sloan, The Figgs, and Game Theory in your musical colleciones, then it would be wise to pick up something Crispy. It’s less filling and less fattening than that chicken leg you’re chewing on. Unless you’re a tree-hugging vegan. Then, never mind.


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