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Meow Meow – Snow Gas Bones

There are what are considered to be come backs that we could do without, like Rush’s summer tour, and then there are times where you recognized a certain musical style that reminds you of a lost but not forgotten favorite band.

This is definitely the latter. One of the members of Meow Meow, Kirk Hellie, was part of Los Angeles band Pink Noise Test who created a succulent blend of quirky electronic tricks with sweet pop rock and Love And Rockets styled velvet vocals. Even after a major label round about, they ended back up on the dead end road, much to my dismay.

After the first few seconds of Snow Gas Bones, it’s evident that Hellie is still behind the knobs on “Cracked.” This time around he’s teamed up with Christopher O’Brien and moved into deeper territory, taking on the challenge of blending slide guitar with the mass hysteria of electronics and wires, and a bit of irony as he sweetly sings, “You fucked it all up again.”

This music is for sunny days and Archie Comics monkey dance twists – a sweet and sour mix of happy moods with an underlying message that doesn’t mince any words about how they feel about this or that. They’ve really tapped into subconscious thoughts that could only be reached in their dreams, obscure bridges that take you to unexpected musical lands and tambourine skies.

It seems that the path that led this songwriting duo to the band cemetery’s dead end path was a godsend, because after dusting off the remains of the past, Meow Meow has a shiny new car to take them to a more colorful rainbow. And best of all, we got to call gunshot on this one. Just a quick run to 7-11 for a punchy road soda and we’re all set.


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