Casualties – On the Front Line

The current political climate, while it’s certainly not helping any of us make money or sleep at night, is certainly giving political punk bands something to sing about. The mohawked, pierced and studded NYC band The Casualties are no exception, although they seem to be getting more political with age.

The Honor System – Rise and Run

In the mid-‘80s, after The Faction and before Shovelhead and Soda, renowned skater (and fellow South Bay brother) Steve Caballero joined three others to form Odd Man Out. Often described as a new wave act with hints of New Order, Odd Man Out relied on heavy chorus effects, lots of reverb and Chris Cisper’s wailing […]

Monster (Patty Jenkins)


Monster (2003, Patty Jenkins) You won’t recognize Charlize Theron in this film, and only part of it is makeup and weight gain. She’s so thoroughly transformed herself into Aileen Wuornos, roadside prostitute and serial killer, that only hints of her identity are visible. She can’t help being beautiful at times, but that only makes her […] is Live and Online

Music News is live and online Our local dance community heads, Mile High House, are in the final testing phase of their online music store, offering up thousands of underground record labels along with local artists. “This site is not just for DJs, its for everyone,” say Hoch of MHH. You can start by getting registered […]