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Seraphim Shock – Halloween Sex n’ Vegas

Seraphim Shock

We originally did a pseudo review after listening to some of this CD’s track samples. Now that we have the CD in our hot little stereo, we’ll take another spin.

Seraphim’s identity and style has reigned in the darkness of the slithering industrial and Goth world for some time now. In 2004, they seem to want to come into the light a bit more. Not that the music is “lite” by any means, but these new songs pull away, ever so slightly and at times, very blatantly, from the Hot Topic, Club Onyx sound, if not the actual stage fashion – more Scorpians than Funkervogt or Project Pitchfork, less EBM and more SOB. They’re also giving My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult and Lords Of Acid a run for their money, setting new ground for sex, guns and rock ‘n roll.

Twin tracks “Shapeshifter” and “Halloween Girl” dive head over heels into the rock pit, then “White Trash Satan” gets the metal heated and blistering, while the vocals ooze on top. “Welcome to Heaven” and “All Better” will delight and entice the industrial diva that has the full Metropolis catalog in her lair.

A bit more diversity comes into play with a Peter Murphy charm on “Perfect Life”, starting with a bubbling piano intro that transcends into the swaying dance that is reminiscing of their original reputation. I dare the strippers in clubs around Denver to ask the DJ to play “Sex Toy”. If they did, they could scare the wide-eyed, helpless men to death enough; they’d have to tip well just to make it back to their car with something left in their pants.

This is heavy, speaking blowing stuff, and not for the faint at heart. Great ammunition if you want to piss off your neighbors, or seduce a very feisty female or male.


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