28 Aug 2015

Zak Efron stars in his latest film, “We Are Your Friends,” playing Cole Carter, a 23-year old DJ and aspiring producer, directed by a Max Joseph (Catfish: The TV Show). Considering how EDM has skyrocketed in popularity worldwide in the last ten years, financially and culturally, it’s surprising there aren’t more films with plots focused on dance culture and all its components. Maybe that’s a good thing.

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Guitar Hero 3Before I get started, if you play Guitar Hero and purchase this CD, you get three more songs compared to the game. I’m not sure how it works, as I’m not a Guitar Hero player, but I’m sure you can figure it out if you are. That’s a great incentive to buy this CD. I tip my hat to Activision.

Jam packed with so many rock’n’roll hits, it amazes me that most of these artists have been left off all previous Guitar Hero games. AFI’s “Miss Murder” and “Prayer of the Refuge” by Rise Against will appeal to the young crowd. Old school fans will jump right to “Cult Of Personality” by Living Colour or Sonic Youth’s “Kool Thing.”

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And You Will Know Us By The Trail of DeadThe world is ready for …Trail of Dead.

Their fifth offering (can that be right?!) comes with all the sonic hooks of radio-play-ability, but with no deterioration of the Trail sound. They are still weird, in take notice way. They are still complex, in a classic musician sense.

New reminiscences surface on Worlds Apart, not the least of which is a Fugazi-emo intro, which becomes a ferocious Beatles- and Styx-like love-testament on Summer 91. (Yes, Beatles and Styx.) And then there are the lyrics: “I know/how the best will fall/and the rest will follow.”

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Gwen StefaniYou’ve heard much of this album already. Why it just arrived for our review is a bit perplexing; but it is an interesting twist that proves the value of this record. Despite its release some several months ago, it is still packed with hits, many of which still haven’t seen their stint begin on the charts.

Launching with “What You Waiting For,” Gwen stomps all over other divas, which I would assume to be Britney or Christina, or both… Or, perhaps a parodied response to her own solo career: “Take a chance you stupid ho…You got your million dollar contract, and now we’re waiting for your hot track.” This is set to a chorus that is universally regarded as a borrowing form Weezer’s Hash Pipe; but it is Weezer who first did the borrowing. What is killing me is that, at a day past press time, I still cannot recall who originally ‘coined’ the riff.

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15 Oct 2004

Evolution is a critical aspect of living in any realm. Music fans are often times alienated by the changes in a band's style from one CD to another, some of which is due more to the lack of openness by the listener than the actual quality of the given release. There are examples such as Radiohead that prove evolution can not only make a positive impact on a band's career, but their works can take music itself to a new level.

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“Fuck the biz/ It’s for the kids,” is the chorus of the first track on The High Speed Scene’s self-titled debut; so, of course we’re immediately we’re on board – and grateful that they pointed that out, since their first album was released through a collaboration between Interscope Records and the Neptunes’ Star Trak imprint, which seems pretty biz...

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30 May 2007

According to iTunes, Feist’s new album, The Reminder falls under the genre of Electronica/Dance. I can safely say, however, that it is definitely not either of those things. I would also like to meet the person that earns an annual iTunes salary by applying genres to new albums, because I think they need a refresher course in what, precisely, Electronica sounds like.

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