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Valerian – Imitations of Sorrow


After first listen, I was all set to rip this CD apart. After subsequent listens, it’s turned into quite the guilty pleasure. As a fan of things cheesy and most things ‘80s, the simplicity and naiveté of these young Finns is somehow endearing.

An ‘80s melancholy is felt throughout the record. “Liar,” “Angel of Death,” and “Love Gone Loco,” while upbeat, still have an undeniable desperation. I actually liked a couple of the token cheese-ass ballads—“Ain’t Crying for You” and “Summer’s Gone” (but if you tell anybody, I’ll deny it).

Opening pseudo-rocker “Homesick” is in the vein of the Cult’s Love album. Other bands I’m reminded of while listening include Guns N’ Roses, Smashing Pumpkins, the Motels, the Outfield, and Stone Temple Pilots (who in turn reminds you of every other rock band that came before), with a little extra Euro-cheese thrown in. If this sounds like an interesting mix to you, then Valerian might be up your alley.

But beware; you’re not going to want to jam this around your friends. . . . ‘cause trust me, you’ll never hear the end of it.


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