Informatik – Re: Vision

Spank my ass and call me Betty, this shiny disc gets my lacey g-string all in a twist! Informatik has always been in my top lingerie drawer, but what tickles like a vanilla feather is when those remixes come out to play.

Paulson – Variations

While distinguishing between generic and genius remains an easy task in modern music, wading through the glut of artists that make up the emo/pop-punk/rock triangle has become as difficult as differentiating between fact and fiction in mainstream media. Thank the recording industry for that, as labels both big and small race to sign everyone and […]

Phoenix – Alphabetical

French natives Phoenix draw from many different influences on their latest album, Alphabetical. This record is truly a journey, and by the time it’s almost over, you feel as though you’ve landed on another record; one that’s almost completely different from the sound that started off the trip. What this album did was put me […]

Garden State (Zach Braff)

Garden State

Garden State (Zach Braff 2004) It’s interesting and refreshing to see Zach Braff, who has played the goofy character Dr. John Dorian from Scrubs for the past three years, now in such a commanding position, both as a debut director and screenwriter, and lead actor in this summer season favorite. One wonders if this screenplay […]

Valerian – Imitations of Sorrow


After first listen, I was all set to rip this CD apart. After subsequent listens, it’s turned into quite the guilty pleasure. As a fan of things cheesy and most things ‘80s, the simplicity and naiveté of these young Finns is somehow endearing. An ‘80s melancholy is felt throughout the record. “Liar,” “Angel of Death,” […]