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Aggressive Persuasion – Faceless (EP)

Sometimes I feel like a mom to all the bands I knew a few years ago, seeing and hear them grow and evolve over time; realizing creative facets of themselves and finding their own musical way.


After just one listen to Faceless, it’s clearly evident that Aggressive Persuasion’s hard work, financial investments, touring, and the ability to get through the typical band “trial and tribulation” have paid off. From the vocals to each song’s structure, this short but sweet six-song EP screams progress to the snowiest fourteener.

Working with multi-Grammy winning producer Sylvia Massy (Johnny Cash, Tool, System of a Down) this time around made everything crisp and hard hitting, from that introductory track “One” through until the end. Contrasts shine, from melodic guitars that glisten to that thrashing, heavy sounds AP is known for; up through their stretching, ballad-esque reaches, echoed with a dark, growling under tow.

In support of this new release AP sets out on the road again for what is planned to be their longest tour to date. Starting with two hometown CD release parties, one at 32 Bleu in Colorado Springs on September 8 and the other in Denver at the Ogden on September 12, they’ll head out to the other parts of the country through the beginning of December.


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