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Vee Device – Out Of The Darkness

Vee Device

I put this CD in on a rainy day at work and fell in love. This Fort Collins band, unlike most bands I get to review, sounds like an imitation of no one. Vee’s voice sounds vaguely like Axl Rose when he slows down and goes low, but it is paired with acoustic guitars, mandolin, banjo and poetic lyrics.

I could say that their musical skill is excellent, their lyrics lovely, but mostly what I like about this band is that willingness to experiment. You hear the picking of banjo and mandolin and want to call them bluegrass but they aren’t. Lyrics about the Beastie Boys are layered instead over the timeless music.

I spent some time while listening to this wondering where they would play live, and what their fans would look like. I could picture sitting back on a couch, letting the music wash over me, surrounded by hippies, rockers, goths, young and old. Rather than sticking to a scene or a trend, vee device have come up with their own sound, and it’s one worth listening to.


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