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Throw Rag – 13ft. and Rising

Throw Rag

You like dirt? And grease in your hair? And bar brawls? And sleaze? And fast cars? Fast guitars?

If the answer is “yes” to all of the above, you’ll probably like Throw Rag’s brand of high-octane rock ‘n’ roll. It’s basic, it’s down n’ dirty, it’s all about getting in and out of trouble and reveling in every beer-soaked minute – so much so, Lemmy Kilmeister joins in on a cover of “Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down.”

Not strictly punk rock, not strictly rockabilly, not strictly rock ‘n’ roll, 13ft and Rising is more of a hybrid of all of them. And it’s a shitload of fun.

Despite some obvious clichés and vocals that sometimes roll dangerously close to “Rocky Horror” territory, it’s hard not to appreciate Throw Rag’s hedonistic approach to making music. And if you’re already inclined to the ways of filthy rock ‘n’ roll, this is liable to make your hips shake and your top lip curl up into a snarl.

Take with lots of alcohol.


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