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Veda – The Weight of An Empty Room


It is a rarity for me to ever give record companies props. However, if record companies keep signing bands like Veda I might change my view from hate to dislike.

Veda, the indie outfit from Kansas City, offers up mellow sounding refreshments from track to track. Usually, I’m listening to something high in tempo with angry undertones. Therefore, their snappy album The Weight of an Empty Room was a welcomed relief to my humble car stereo.

“Trade this Fear” is the perfect beginning to the album with rock minded rhythms that slowly fade through the progression of the record’s 13 tracks. Their course of mellow inspired indie rock gets its inspiration from lead singer Kristen May’s intertwined harmonization and lyrical style, which adds to her presence and struck me as the most unique aspect of their sound. It’s almost sweet, like the way a young choir girl would sing during a solo, but without the naiveté.

Veda quite simply features an indie feel that’s a perfect complement to a chill session that includes Bjork or Coldplay on the mix list.


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