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Zammuto – The Shape of Things to Come at Communikey 2012

To say that Nick Zammuto is a musician would actually be cutting the guy short. He’s more of an inventor of undiscovered and yet-to-be-invented ways of creating sounds and then crafting them into picturesque songs. Zammuto is bringing a new batch of concoctions to the Communikey festival in “The Shape of Things” night this Thursday, April 26 at Shine along with The Square Root of Evil and DJ SL8R.

After building his reputation for creating unique listening experiences with the band Books, Zammuto broke out on his own, writing and producing his self-titled album within a home studio laboratory in the mountains of Vermont.

Released earlier this month on Temporary Residence Limited, the album bounces with themes that reflect his penchant for shaking together classical, organic instrumentation with sprinkles of fairy dust. One example, as seen in a video produced by Naked Musicians,  he takes a pipe, cuts it to length, mic’s the damn thing and poof, out comes a rhythm section of his own making.

“F U C-3PO” is one of those tracks that takes you on a trip to a land imagined by Sid and Marty Krofft, while the entry percussion on “Shape of Things to Come” (the source for the Commikey night) would have easily been embraced by Siouxie and the Banshees, and then the chorus glides effortlessly through those green Vermont mountains.

Zammauo wasn’t completely alone in this endeavor. His former bandmate in Book, Gene Back, brings his multi-instrumentation to the mix, along with Zammuto’s brother Mikey on bass and the unique drum performances by Sean Dixon.

Communikey takes place in Boulder starting Wednesday, April 25 and goes through Sunday, April 29. For the full schedule and tickets go to:!


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