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Stratovarius – Stratovarius

For once in my life, I’m stumped as what to say. Not because I don’t have an opinion, believe me, I always do, just ask my friends…but because I have no idea how to say what I have to say without being cruel. Stratovarius’ self-titled disc is one of the worst collections of cheddar metal I’ve ever heard, and I had to live in the 80’s! From the first three seconds of keyboards, you know you are doomed, DOOMED (Kang and Kodos Style)!

Stratovarius’ music is an atmospheric type of metal with epic opera-like vocals. This style of melodic metal may have been deemed cutthroat twenty years ago but I didn’t like it then and I definitely don’t need to hear it now. If you’re a fan of say Queensryche or Dream Theater then these guys are your cup of tea. However, I will say the production quality is outstanding; kudos to the sound engineers!


The Finnish quintet landed the chance to shoot their video with world-renowned director Antti Jokinen, who has made quite a name for himself by working with acts such as Beyonce’ Wyclef Jean, Korn, and Celine Dion. They also have hit the road on a full blown U.S. tour, starting in Atlanta back in September. Seems like Sanctuary Records sure has a lot of faith in these guys to spend that kind of money; I sure hope it works out for ’em. But I’m not betting on it. If you like torturing yourself, or need to clear a large group of people from a room, visit and for sound bytes.


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