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Shock Cinema – Our Way is Revenge

New York-based Shock Cinema may have the most obscure, confusing bio I have ever read. From what I can tell, the group consists of Miyuko Furtado (the Rogers Sisters), Danny Wood (…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead), Destiny Montague, and Autry Fulbright.


The album’s name, Our Way is Revenge, is an anagram for Sigourney Weaver, and apparently most of the eight songs on the record were born of one single get-together. Gritty guitar and dirty city club-laden rhythms combined with Montague’s feline vocals create tracks reminiscent of the Fiery Furnaces and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

This is a record laden with vox effects, fast guitar notes and quick-drop drumming. With influences such as Can, David Lynch, and Ghostface Killah, it is easy to hear the rhythmic, drawn-out darkness that infuses each song. Experimental yet organized, the combination of vocals, keys, and guitar create a fleshy urban-nouveau experience, ripe with a coarsely groomed sound that is perfectly suited to an artistic, metropolitan niche. Woozy, electronic, fuzzy, gleaming with undertones of Nintendo rock, I also get the feeling that all these band members must be way cooler than I am, especially because they all have really cool names.

But really, all I want to know is why the hell they used Sigourney Weaver’s name as an anagram. Is it an Alien thing or what?


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