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Melody Club – At Your Service

Add Melody Club to the ever-expanding array of Sweden’s polished-to-perfection musical offerings. They are an energetic synth pop outfit with very thick accents and catchy-as-hell tunage.

At first, At Your Service smacks a little too hard of Pet Shop Boys, but as the album plays out, it definitely offers up a much wider array of influences. There’s a very disco element, a throwback to their fellow Swedes, ABBA; but the production brings each track forward to the ‘90s, the synths are ever-present in a manner that’s nearly as sci-fi as the Epoxies, and the chord structures hark hugely back to early 2000’s Britpop.

For a little break from the fierce neo-bubblegum tracks, check out the freight train and clap-track rhythms of “Cats In The Dark,” a spazzy little ballad with the sweet relief of some acoustic guitar.

Suffice to say, these guys don’t make the best in dance-y electro pop, but they clearly have good taste in the music that influences them. The album is definitely a dance-to disc from end-to-end, and many—if not all—of the tracks could fit well at your favorite Saturday night dance party.


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