K-OS – Collected

Usually an artist will be between records before they put out a “collection,” either that or something similar is considered a retrospective. Canada’s brother K-OS is not the usual musician, however, and he rarely does things that are expected. Therefore, on the heels of his critically acclaimed third album, Atlantis: Hymns for Disco, comes the […]

Talib Kweli – Eardrum

While Talib Kweli is definitely influenced by his community, his fellow artists, the place where he lives and creates, when it comes to the pure process of creation this can only be done by one. Eardrum comes to us at a time when everything is being questioned in order to make a shift in our […]

Graig Markel – Via Novella

Do you ever read the press release for an album and get giddy at the prospect of listening to it? There is a good chance not, since you probably don’t read press releases. Most of them are pedantic and of little value. But sometimes you read who has collaborated on the album and get your […]

Melody Club – At Your Service

Add Melody Club to the ever-expanding array of Sweden’s polished-to-perfection musical offerings. They are an energetic synth pop outfit with very thick accents and catchy-as-hell tunage. At first, At Your Service smacks a little too hard of Pet Shop Boys, but as the album plays out, it definitely offers up a much wider array of […]