EarliMart – Mentor Tormentor

Like diving into a cool pool on an Africa hot day, Earlimart’s latest release Mentor Tormentor comes full force with icy cool and soothing vocals, followed with mighty and puissant drums on the first track “Fakey Fake.” But it’s track two “Answers & Questions” that has become as addictive as Doritos and heroin, with such […]

Liars – Liars

The traffic is backed up on the highway for hours. Someone just stole your wallet. You just found a strange rash on your ass. Your paycheck just bounced. The president continues to make useless, “in denial” speeches that only provide fodder for the Daily Show. Calgon take me away. If ever we were in need […]

Oh No – Dr. No’s Oxperiment

It’s safe to say that Oh No’s Dr. No’s Oxperiment is one of the most intriguing instrumental hip-hop albums that have been heard for some time. Or better yet, this album is one of the most interesting releases of 2007, in any genre. Why it’s so interesting is no surprise given that producer Oh No’s […]