The Kaffeine Buzz Show (Restart) – Episode 16

Welcome to the Kaffeine Buzz Show, or back to this podcast if you were a listener of Post303Radio. It’s been a number of months since I was doing these podcasts so I’m glad to be back in the saddle again. This episode, and in picking up where I left off earlier this year is Episode […]

Liars – WIXIW – Mute

While Madonna is known as the mother of reinvention, Liars do more than costume and hair-do changes – they come at your ears with a whole new sonic persona, one that surprises and delights while challenging you in wonderful ways. Case in point, WIXIW, an album title that causes one to pause at the pronunciation. […]

Liars – Liars

The traffic is backed up on the highway for hours. Someone just stole your wallet. You just found a strange rash on your ass. Your paycheck just bounced. The president continues to make useless, “in denial” speeches that only provide fodder for the Daily Show. Calgon take me away. If ever we were in need […]

Lola Ray – Liars

After just a chorus and a bridge, clicking into the skip-along bounces of “Officer & A Gentlemen,” it was not a surprise to see that the Cali-to-Brooklyn band Lola Ray had fans across the pond at BBC. Had it not been for the press release stating their country of origin, it would be easy to […]