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Oh No – Dr. No’s Oxperiment

It’s safe to say that Oh No’s Dr. No’s Oxperiment is one of the most intriguing instrumental hip-hop albums that have been heard for some time. Or better yet, this album is one of the most interesting releases of 2007, in any genre.

Why it’s so interesting is no surprise given that producer Oh No’s experiment contains such obscure samples and never heard before rhythms to most of us. Apparently, Oh No was able to unearth some strange psychedelic pop records from places like Turkey, Lebanon, Greece and Italy to fuse Dr. No’s Oxperiment together.


On his third LP and follow up to last year’s Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms, he pieces together these odd samples with remarkable smoothness from track-to-track despite the diverse elements linking them. The 28-track excursion is dense and lively and places a heavy emphasis on 70s styled fuzz rock into almost folk sounding psyche funk and regional garage rock with astonishing ease.

For an album full of surprises, and for those that are starving for something more engaging than today’s standard fare hip-hop, this will satiate that desire.


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