The Brokedowns – New Brains for Everyone

Chicago’s The Brokedowns have released their anticipated debut, New Brains For Everyone. It’s punk. Alright, it’s really good punk, so it deserves some accolades. First off, these guys are smart, and it comes through very well in both their music and lyrics. The intensity with which they perform makes it clear that they have a […]

Evolve – Happy Hour in the Gene Pool

Happy Hour In The Gene Pool, the debut CD from the group Evolve, incorporates the best of electronica with just a touch of jazz. Vocals provided by musical theater and jazz singer, Margo Reymundo, enhance lush production and arrangements from her partner in crime, songwriter/ musician Red Broad. The two are backed ably by several […]

Feist – The Reminder

According to iTunes, Feist’s new album, The Reminder falls under the genre of Electronica/Dance. I can safely say, however, that it is definitely not either of those things. I would also like to meet the person that earns an annual iTunes salary by applying genres to new albums, because I think they need a refresher […]

Sonny Smith – Fruitvale

Sonny Smith seems like an odd character. The press release that accompanies his new album Fruitvale, came stapled around a crudely drawn comic book. The story basically covers Sonny’s life; from going to see Frankie Goes to Hollywood as a kid, to living in a shitty apartment in Denver’s Capitol Hill, to a jungle commune […]

Land of Talk

Montreal’s Land of Talk has not only lived up to its name for some time now, with countless interviews online, in print and on video, the three-piece has been a case study for word-of-mouth promotion as fans and journalists blog and talk about their love of the band. But sometimes life has a way of […]