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The Brokedowns – New Brains for Everyone

Chicago’s The Brokedowns have released their anticipated debut, New Brains For Everyone. It’s punk.

Alright, it’s really good punk, so it deserves some accolades. First off, these guys are smart, and it comes through very well in both their music and lyrics. The intensity with which they perform makes it clear that they have a message, and the choruses deliver perfectly.


Something that can’t often be said of punk rock outfits is that they are interesting. Really, unless you stick to the standouts, 90% of the stuff is regurgitation. The Brokedowns derive music stylistically from Crass New Bomb Turks to Drive Like Jehu.

Slow or fast, the shits always intense and intent; and judging by the pics on these guys’ profile, are a fury live.

To intentionally digress… I groan a little when new punk albums come across my desk for review; but I am really glad I’ve been introduced to the Brokedowns. In retrospect, they’ve made me recognize that I’ve gone a bit jaded. Now go get your lesson!


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