Murder City Devils Reunion – July 29/30 – Seattle


Murder City Devils07/29 | Capitol Hill Block Party, Seattle07/30 | Showbox, Seattle Late lords of wolfman-howling, brooding cowboy/trucker/sailor rock, The Murder City Devils have raised themselves from a five-year slumber to assemble for The Capitol Hill Block Party in their hometown of Seattle, WA. Having run all pre-sale tickets a week before the event, an […]

Another Gay Movie

Another Gay Movie (Todd Stephens) In the throbbing vein of modern day, kitchy and colorful films, “Another Gay Movie” takes a crate of neon Crayolas, some fabulous Eichler style, mid-century modern homes, and Brady/Leave It To Beaver suburban flair (even the movie’s font title is pulled from the Brady archives) to take a literal “poke” […]

Be Your Own Pet – Be Your Own Pet

Be Your Own Pet

Be Your Own Pet is a spastic little foursome straight outta music city, Nashville represent! They love Iggy and the Stooges, caffeine, spicy food, T-Rex, and playing a fast, “uptight fun” style of punk rock for twenty-somethings with ADD. They hate having asthma, yep all four have it, they hate flat tires, runny eggs, and […]

CSS – Cansei De Ser Sexy


It’s really hard to dislike what CSS is doing on their debut album for Sub Pop records, Cansei De Ser Sexy. The young sextet from San Paolo, Brazil, truly has a knack in causing an unforeseen addiction to their overall catchy as fuck sound. In what plays out like a semi-replica of Peaches or The […]

The 101 – Numbers

The 101

A few weeks back some peeps and I were in a round table discussion about a band’s sound potential, and how it often it doesn’t make it to the shiny disc that slides into the CD player. You see a band play live somewhere and pick up the CD at the show because they really […]