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Another Gay Movie

Another Gay Movie (Todd Stephens)

In the throbbing vein of modern day, kitchy and colorful films, “Another Gay Movie” takes a crate of neon Crayolas, some fabulous Eichler style, mid-century modern homes, and Brady/Leave It To Beaver suburban flair (even the movie’s font title is pulled from the Brady archives) to take a literal “poke” of fun at all the gay clichés. Director Todd Stephens intentionally went over the top with the one liners and each character’s persona, feeling this kind of gay movie is long overdue.


One look at the movie poster and their reference to American Pie is clearly evident, from their late night party revelation that they do not in fact, live the life of other Pie characters, to the father figure, played by former Kids in the Hall star, Scott Thompson, doing hilarious take on Eugene Levy’s Mr. Levenstein. If you haven’t gotten that drift by mid film, the pie love scene should clinch it for ya.

It’s the summer after senior graduation, and four buds are determined to pop their cherry before the end of the summer. Andy is the wholesome, Jason Biggs of the bunch (Michael Carbonaro), Griff is the brainiac nerd (Mitch Morris), and the good-looking stud is Jarod (Jonathan Chase).

Nico (Jonah Blechman) could easily pass for a young Martin Short, suited up with a hot Barbie wardrobe, sporting a cobalt blue cellophane jumpsuit and other amazing accessories. His adoring mom suffers from what he calls, “a case of Paul Lynn syndrome,” living in denial and thinking that her son is just “special.” Showing their age and ignorance of ‘60s and ‘70s pop culture icons, all three guys ask Nico, “Who’s Paul Lynn?”

The lengths these guys go through to get laid hits on so many gay scenarios, just as Stephens planned, from the gay club where Griff uses an inflatable bun enhancer to bring attention to his on-bar dancing moves, to going online looking for love (actually, most people are doing that these days).

Nico ends up meeting Richard Hatch (who plays himself) at a naked book signing. And just when we all thought we’d never have to see that guy’s body again. Taking a bit from the Dumb and Dumber bathroom scene, poor Nico goes overboard on making sure he was ready to loose his virginity to Hatch, and suffers terribly after giving himself three enemas.

Andy is also traumatized after his anticipated romp with the teacher he had been lusting after all year turns out to be one of whips, belts, sex swing masochists, and unknowingly, gets to see what Mr. Puckov had for lunch…coming out the other end.

Recovering in the comfort of his bedroom (which sports a poster of the word “Bait” above his bed), Andy concludes that, “Maybe this sex thing is not all it’s cracked up to be. Maybe I should just hang it up and become a priest,” as he continues to use tissue to remove the memories from his behind.

And with a loving tone of advice, Nico replies, “Then you could finally get laid Sister Mary.”

In the end they all found love and happy endings in one way or another, just like other hetero comedies, with a few minor exceptions. They must have had a fabulous time making this movie, because it was a hellava ride watching it. I can’t wait for the sequel to see what happens when these boys go off to college.


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