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Terrior Bute – Return to Astro Castle

Terrior Bute

In the ever-changing landscape of indie rock, the increasing utilization of keyboards and synthesizers are slowly becoming the rule, not the exception. But like a gallon of milk passed its expiration, each sub-genre continues to yield approximately one last bowl of cereal into the belly of the scene.

Enter Terrior Bute, a three-piece straight outta beer city, armed only with a moog, keytar, and drums. The band employs a Napoleon Dynamite like aesthetic, channeling equal parts Devo, Gary Numan, Blood Brothers, and Hot Cross into their quirky and spastic sound. Not too punk, and not too synth, they seem to abandon many pretensions associated with like-minded bands.

They pull it off in eight songs no less, but troubled waters may lay ahead however, because although they will undoubtedly progress with further releases, the wavering and fickle tastes of the consumerist scenester majority will always sour in favor of the next “it” sound.


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